Preparing your Job Site for Temporary Fence

Do you ever wonder what the ideal location for the temporary construction fence for your new job site is? Although any layout would probably get the job done, here are some helpful tips that could save you time, space and money.

First and foremost, do you know what your property boundaries are? Are there property pins or lines that can or need to be identified and considered? Are there any setbacks or easements that will need to be pointed out? There will be no money saved if a contractor must relocate the temporary construction fence should it be placed in the wrong location. Most sites are surveyed well prior to any construction work taking place but always make sure there is nothing that will interfere with construction fence.

Is there any equipment or materials blocking the fence line? Will the parking for contractors and workers need to be enclosed? Again, think about what is going to be best for this job site. Maybe your site isn’t big enough for all contractors to park inside the fenced area. Maybe it would be best to have two temporary fence locations at the same site – one for staging, receiving, parking and the other for construction.

Like parking, the same thought process needs to be used when considering the correct gate size and style. The most common styles of gates installed on temporary fence sites are swing gates (double or single), rolling gates or cantilever slide gates. Each style has it’s time and place. Rolling or slide gates are super space savers as they travel parallel to the existing fence line but are a little more expensive. Swing gates on the other hand are probably the most common, but can overlap into construction sites or out into a walk path or street. The right gate for the right situation can become very critical when laying out your ideal construction site.

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