American Fence Company Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Wood Fencing, 1063 Custom Solid with Accent Top
American Fence Company Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Custom Gates, 1307 Estate gate with Jesus fish
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American Fence Company Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Wood Fencing, 1063 Custom Solid with Accent Top
American Fence Company Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Custom Gates, 1307 Estate gate with Jesus fish
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Residential Fencing Solutions for Sioux Falls, SD

If you’re hunting for a reputable contractor specializing in high-quality backyard fences in Sioux Falls, your search has ended! American Fence Company has been in business for 55+ years, accesses the Midwest’s largest inventory of fence materials, and employs hundreds of highly trained industry professionals. Whether you need a beautiful vinyl fence, a sturdy chain link fence, or an ornamental fence with a custom design, our team is able to accommodate you!

Residential Services

Expert Installation

American Fence Company of Sioux Falls employs trained industry professionals to handle installation jobs. Our company also maintains several inventories throughout the Midwest that collectively store over 100,000 square feet of chain link, vinyl, wood, and ornamental steel.

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Fence Materials Sales

Are you an ambitious DIY fence builder? In that case, you’ll want to acquire a sufficient quantity of high-quality fence materials from a reputable fence contractor in Sioux Falls. As mentioned, we maintain a colossal inventory throughout the Midwest. So if you need fence materials in Sioux Falls, simply contact us. When your materials are ready, stop by our facility and take them home.

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Residential Products

Vinyl Fencing

  • Wide variety of colors & styles
  • Extremely durable
  • Low maintenance

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If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of the area you’d like to fence, then vinyl is great fencing option to consider. It’s available in a wide variety of styles and colors to enhance the appearance of any property and to provide privacy where needed. It is also exceptionally durable, and will look great for years with minimal maintenance required.

Wood Fencing

  • Many quality wood options
  • Beauty & warmth appearance
  • Multiple types & styles

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A wood fence requires more maintenance than many other types of fencing; however, it is customizable and offers a level of beauty and warmth that’s hard to match. Virtue Fence can design and build a beautiful wood fence that is perfect for any business that wants to create a stunning and cohesive outdoor space, such as a dining patio.


  • Elegant, timeless style
  • Various picket and rail styles
  • Prefabricated fence panels

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Our aluminum commercial fencing is a versatile and cost-effective solution that also has a sleek, modern appearance. This type of fencing is usually used in permanent installations to mark property boundaries around parks, schools, office buildings, and many others. Additionally, aluminum fencing can be installed on uneven or sloped landscaping without leaving ugly gaps.

Custom Ornamental

  • Customized to your site
  • Unique one of kind designs
  • Professional fabrication and coatings

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Automated Gates

  • Convenience
  • Home Security
  • Statement of Elegance

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  • Custom made to order
  • Ornamental & vinyl styles
  • Large adornment selection

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  • Custom made to order
  • Vinyl, wood, or metal
  • Pergolas, arbors and more

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Homeowners’ needs come first

American Fence Company’s 55+ years in the business has taught us a great deal about the needs and expectations of our customers. This includes the understanding that customers only want to give their business to the ideal fence company in Sioux Falls. The ideal contractor prioritizes efficiency, communication, and—of course—high-quality products.

But what makes us the best fence company in the Sioux Falls area?

Consistent trust and communication

For starters, we recognize that we’re not the only game in town—and therefore have developed practices and policies to help distinguish us from the competition. In addition to rigorously training our installers, we establish trust with customers. Building this trust includes processes such as: paying a visit to your home and meeting with you directly; listening to your needs; learning what you want to achieve with your fence.

During this process, our staff will take yard measurements and communicate the possibilities with you. From here a price will be delivered, as well as a stylized drawing representing all critical dimensions of the fence. We’ll also provide a checklist outlining the process moving forward as well as information regarding professional surveys of your property and sprinkler insurance. Communication’s maintained through each step of the process.

High-quality fence materials

As the Midwest’s leading residential fence contractor, we’ve formed lasting partnerships with reputable vendors around the globe and nurtured a tremendous buying power allowing us to import hundreds of truckloads and train carloads of high-quality fence materials each year. Our inventory is incomparably superior to what’s available at the big box stores in Sioux Falls.

Peace of mind

One of the inevitable facts about fences is that, over time, maintenance and repairs become necessary. One of the perks of American Fence Company’s broad training programs is that our staff can work with fences we did not install ourselves. So whether you purchased your fence from us or another contractor, you can depend on American Fence Company of Sioux Falls to handle your fence repair needs.