Commercial Sports Fencing

Sports-Grade Materials

Having installed high-quality sports fence panels for 55+ years, the team here at American Fence Company of Sioux Falls realizes that regular grade fencing simply won’t cut it. For this reason, we’ve made a purpose of stocking our inventory with the best materials on the market.

Multiple Applications

Our team of industry professionals has all the equipment, materials, and expertise to install the sports fence application you need—whether it’s a backstop, an entire ballfield fence, etc.

Aquatic Safety

If you need secure pool and water park fencing in Sioux Falls, look no further than American Fence Company. Code compliant materials and design are used to make your aquatic features safe for users.


If you need sports fencing in Sioux Falls—whether it’s a backstop, a complete baseball field fence, a safety barrier for an aquatic park, etc.—the team here at American Fence Company is here to help. With over 50 years of estimating and Computer Aided Design, our dedicated staff will help you choose the best products for your project. Regardless if we are providing contracted installation at a major college athletic field, or if you only need materials a local little league, we are at your service.

Sports Complex Fencing FAQ

What materials are used to make sports fencing in Sioux Falls?

Historically speaking, chain link has been the standard sports fence material—durable, functional, cost-efficient—and it remains the material of choice for tennis court fencing. (The reason being the smaller mesh size, which prevents tennis balls from passing through.) American Fence Company recommends GBW chain link fabric due to its smooth texture—which in turn reduces the likelihood of accidental cuts when players come in contact with the mesh.

Chain link is also useful if you want your sports fence panels to carry windscreen, as it can easily support this material. The CLFMI (Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute) provides an excellent tool for selecting the appropriate post diameter and wall thickness for your application. This tool takes into consideration site obstructions, soil conditions, typical wind loads, the density of materials, as well as the height and weight of chain link fabric. This tool is critical when designing backstops, as backstops tend to be very tall and engineered in a cupping pattern.

An attractive alternative to traditional galvanized is the vinyl-coated chain link fence panels. Vinyl coated chain link places a colored vinyl coating over the galvanized chain link, giving the fence panels the “color” needed. There are a number of color options for vinyl coated chain link fence panels: black, brown, dark green, and light green.

What other materials are appropriate for sports fence panels in Sioux Falls?

Vinyl and ornamental fence panels are frequent installations around swimming pools—providing both security and an elegant, inviting appearance. A minimum 4” gap is required anywhere along a fence with a minimum height of 6’ for public swimming pools—per BOCA codes.

Welded wire mesh fence panels, a common choice for agricultural venues, is also popular. Heavy gauge horizontal and vertical wire results in small, rectangular shapes. The systems are generally panelized, set between square posts with the use of boulevard brackets. They are then powder-coated a variety of colors. Popular with swimming pools and aquatic centers, welded wire mesh systems provide very small opening that do not allow people to easily climb over or pass through debris.

There are many styles to choose from, allowing the customer to design their fence to their liking. Care should be taken to ensure the style chosen meets swimming pool code requirements in your area. A quality fence contractor will help you select a style that conforms to city codes.