Commercial Vinyl Fencing


American Fence Company of Sioux Falls’ vinyl fence panels are designed to withstand the mood swings of Midwest weather. Our PVC fencing comes with limited lifetime warranty covering peels, chips, and cracks.

Low Maintenance

Because vinyl fence panels do not naturally peel, crack, or fade, you can set aside worries about staining, repainting, and replacing.

Styles and Colors

Our numerous options on Sioux Falls vinyl fence styles and colors. Affordable style options to add curb appeal and match commercial building exteriors.



One of the major selling points for PVC over other fence materials is extreme durability and great longevity. Vinyl is resistant to rust, fading, and erosion. It is also resistant to damage from insects such as termites and carpenter ants, as they do not have an appetite for PVC. Because of these qualities, vinyl is often preferred over more susceptible material types such as wood and metal. Add to that our limited transferable warranty.

American Fence Corporation partners with quality vinyl fencing manufacturers like Ply Gem Fence & Rail to provide the best PVC and vinyl fencing.

Vinyl Fencing in Sioux Falls FAQ

How sturdy and resilient is vinyl fencing?

Part of what distinguishes PVC from other types of fence material is inherent flexibility: these panels have been engineered with a chemical formulation rendering them extremely impact-resistant, able to withstand normal use collisions. Our vinyl is of the highest quality, designed to last a lifetime. Beyond a small reduction in sheen over time, you shouldn’t observe any noticeable degradations.

Even in subzero temperatures, vinyl is extremely resilient. It becomes more flexible as the temperature drops, but unless struck by an enormous amount of force—say, an automobile crash—it shouldn’t break.

Will my vinyl fence panels catch fire and burn?

Not easily. PVC has a flashpoint of approximately 900 degrees. It is classified as a “self-extinguishing” material.

Will vinyl fencing yellow or fade with time?

Today, most PVC fence panels—including those available from American Fence Company of Sioux Falls—contain TIO2 (titanium dioxide) to prevent degradation caused by ultraviolet light. We’ve also partnered with Kroy Vinyl Products to provide 20-year warranty against premature yellowing and discoloration.

Although a slight reduction in sheen is natural, your fence panels should not experience fading. Our vinyl fencing has a chemical formulation that functions similar to sunscreen: reflecting the sun’s rays and retaining the colors.

How do I clean vinyl fence panels?

As an outdoor product, your fence will inevitably be exposed to dirt, dust, debris, etc. The occasional cleaning will be required. In most cases, you can keep your fence clean using water and a mild detergent. If you encounter tougher stains, Soft Scrub or baking soda should suffice. Simple Green and wool can be tried on the more stubborn marks.

How about the best way to clean graffiti off a vinyl fence? Usually, paint can be removed from PVC using pressurized water or paint thinner. If this doesn’t work, try 400 grit sandpaper.

What is American Fence Company’s warranty on vinyl fencing?

Our PVC fence panels come with a lifetime warranty to cover peeling, chipping, and surface cracks.

Can I get custom-designed vinyl fence panels in Sioux Falls?

Of course! Right here at the top fence company in Sioux Falls! Our custom vinyl fabrication equipment and staff can fashion a high-quality product from whatever design you submit.