How PalmSHIELD Louvered Screening Improves Your Work Site

As we all know, visible mechanical equipment tends be a distracting, wholly unneeded eye-sore for your construction project. Cities recognize this, too, hence why many of them require contractors to screen their mechanical equipment, dumpsters, loading docks, etc. from public view. Consequently, engineers, designers, and architects turn to PalmSHIELD for mechanical equipment screening solutions. The most requested of our screening products for mechanical equipment screening is our PalmSHIELD louvered panels. Louvered mechanical screening, whether its ground mounted, rooftop mounted, or on an elevated patio, is increasingly desired and specified by our customers. Now why is this? What does PalmSHIELD offer that other screening does not?

PalmSHIELD’s louvered mechanical equipment screening is a sleek, with completely flush posts and horizontal lines to aesthetically complement a building envelope. All-aluminum framework, columns, and louvers on these screens have been powder coated to the color of your choosing. Heavy-duty powder coating also helps protect aluminum from rust and long-term damage. The large number of color options means you can select whether your louvered mechanical equipment screen blends in with the building and landscape, or is an attention-getting piece of architecture.

PalmSHIELD’s louvered mechanical equipment screening, in addition to enhancing aesthetics, is often chosen because it can provide airflow. Close off mechanical equipment from view would seem easy, but it’s not always feasible due to the airflow requirements of certain kinds of mechanical equipment. To get around this problem, PalmSHIELD’s louvered mechanical equipment screening provides 100% direct visual screening while maintaining 64% openness to provide the airflow mechanical equipment needs. What’s more, our louvered panels are completely customizable: wen can adapt them to any height of mechanical equipment and add several different gate styles to maintain accessibility.

Louvers are the ultimate option in combining direct visual screening, airflow, and aesthetics. Call PalmSHIELD today for a free quote on our louvered mechanical equipment screening!