PalmSHIELD Screening Meets Community Standards

Name something in common with the following cities: San Francisco, CA, Kansas City, MO, Austin, TX, Boulder, CO, and Scottsdale, AZ. If you answered, “They all have mechanical equipment screening regulations and standards,” then you answered correctly. What’s more, they’re not alone. More and more cities, as well as community planners, these days implement such standards to help drive business, tourism, and clean up their communities. Many cities these days are also requiring developers to screen mechanical equipment from public view.

These mechanical equipment screens are often required to match the aesthetic of the surrounding area and building envelope. Although appearance standards have been in place for years, initially they were very loose. Screening was often limited to outside storage and dumpsters and achieved by the use of solid or semi-private fencing. And the most popular option was chain link fencing with privacy slats and wood privacy fencing. Today’s designers turn their noses up at the use of fencing, considering it a low-end solution. Nowadays, they want solutions carrying the building design outward, blending in as being more intentional.

An excellent option for the new mechanical equipment appearance standards is PalmSHIELD’s louvered mechanical equipment screen. All-aluminum and fully framed, these panels have the ability to match any building envelope thanks to our custom powder-coating capabilities. The louvered design of these panels meets required 100% direct visual screening requirements while also maintaining airflow for the mechanical equipment.

PalmSHIELD’s ability to add gate panels that include louvered infill allows designers to maintain access to mechanical equipment while completely removing the equipment from public view.

Consider PalmSHIELD’s louvered mechanical equipment screen on your next project! Contact us today for a free quote!