Preparing Your Security Gate for Spring: Last Few Weeks Left of Winter

With spring right around the corner, the weather will start getting warmer and winter will be a thing of the past. If you have a security gate for your home, business, self-storage facility or as a part of your gated community, it is now time to start thinking about those winter damages. That’s right your security gate needs a little TLC, from the harsh winter conditions to keep it running as smooth as possible. Although winter is not completely gone here are a few tips to prepare for spring and that last snow fall of the season.

  1. Schedule a “tune-up” for your security gate opener. Security gate openers are true workhorses. Whether they open and close a security gate once a day or 100 times a day, we depend on them to work correctly every single time. But your security gate opener is a machine and all machines need servicing to prevent breakdowns from happening. Fall is a great time to have a maintenance tune-up performed on your security gate opener. Our team of skilled technicians can perform an on-site maintenance check to make sure everything works as it is supposed to. We can also alert you to any problems before they occur, which can save you a lot of time, money and headache!
  2. For that last snow fall, be prepared to keep your gates locked in the open position, if the forecast calls for snow or ice. Every winter customers have problems and need help because their security gate is frozen in the closed position, or worse a car slid on the conditions and right into the security gate, damaging the gate or the gate operator. Both of these situations could be avoided by simply leaving the gate in the open position if winter conditions are in the forecast. You’ll still need to post someone at the gate to control the flow of traffic, but it is worth it to avoid costly damage to your security gate.
  3. Consider adding a heater to the security gate opener’s gearbox. When temperatures drop below freezing, the oil in your gate opener’s gearbox can thicken and may cause the gears to lock up. An easy solution to this problem is to install a heater on the gearbox to keep the oil at the right temperatures in most cases, having a heater installed will give you the peace of mind that your security gate will continue to operate throughout the winter no matter how cold it gets.