American Access Company Takes Their Training Up Another Notch

American Access Company went back to school! Over the week of November 3rd, American Access Company’s leadership team attended the AFA’s Operator Installation School. This is a prestigious program that covers all the important aspects of gate operator installation, including:

  • Gate Operator Basics
  • Types of Gate Operators
  • Electricity Basics/Testing
  • Gate Operator Installation
  • Gate Operator Accessories
  • Timers and Vehicle Detectors
  • A Professional Approach to Safety
  • UL 325 Standard for Gate Operators
  • Telephone Entry and Access Control
  • ASTM F2200 Safe Gate Design Standard

Operator Installer School is taught by the top experts in the automated gate installation field who use a combination of hands-on and in-class training. Combined, they have centuries of experience in both gate operator installation as well as education and training on gate operator products. Upon completion of the class, our leadership team has an elite understanding and capability to install and work with a vast array of gate operator brands and types.

With advancements in automated gate technology, customers require high quality products that are installed by high-quality professionals. Properties of all sizes and security requirements now have a need for automatic gate systems, and they need an expert who knows these product lines inside and out and can get them exactly what they need. The AFA Operator Installation School establishes a program to validate the credentials of automated gate specialists.

Ultimately, all this training is in support of our services. With this esteemed certification, you can rely on our skill and know-how to take care of all your gate operator and automated gate needs. This ranges from installing a brand-new gate operator, replacing your current gate operator, installing a full automated gate system, and repairing, maintaining or servicing your gate operator.

Now that American Access Company’s leadership team consists of certified AFA Operator Installers, they now can host in-house training for all their gate operator installers. American Access Company will carry out their first round of in-house access control training in January of 2020.

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